"The recovery after ear surgery was smooth, and I'm thrilled with the noticeable improvement in my ear aesthetics."

-Patient’s Review
Ear Piercing
Ear piercing is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves creating a hole in the earlobe or other parts of the ear to insert jewelry. While ear piercing is typically performed using non-surgical techniques, such as a piercing gun or needle, some plastic surgeons may offer a sterile and controlled environment for earlobe piercing. They can provide guidance on proper aftercare to minimize the risk of infection or complications.
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Earlobe Repair
Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure performed to correct torn, stretched, or damaged earlobes. Common causes of earlobe damage include trauma from earrings being pulled forcefully, heavy earrings, or gauges/plugs. During the repair procedure, the plastic surgeon trims away the damaged tissue, repositions and sutures the healthy tissue, and reshapes the earlobe. The goal is to restore a natural-looking and symmetrical appearance to the earlobe. Earlobe repair is typically performed under local anesthesia, and the recovery time is usually relatively quick.
Dr Prayas Kumar
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Who is a suitable candidate for Earlobe Repair?
• you have elongated or stretched earlobes due to earlobe stretching or gauging
• you have torn or split earlobes
• you have stretched or elongated earlobes
• Keloid or hypertrophic scars
• Congenital earlobe deformities
Ear Shaping
Many individuals, starting from childhood, are unhappy with the size or shape of their ears. Or, for some, the ears protrude more than they should, are asymmetrical, or droop too low. Children may be teased at school, and adults might go to great lengths to hide their imperfect ears with their hair or by wearing hats.

Fortunately, Otoplasty, also referred to as Cosmetic Ear Surgery, is readily available to cosmetically alter the ears. Laser treatment for ear shaping is a good option. The procedure can have a dramatic impact on a person’s appearance, confidence, and overall quality of life. This corrective surgery is extremely popular among adults and children alike.

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure. It is used to reshape one or both ears. It also includes ear/earlobe reduction and cauliflower ear surgery to remove and re-contour excess skin and cartilage. Patients experience a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem once their ears have been given a more desirable appearance.
Dr Prayas Kumar
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Meet The Doctor
Dr. Prayas Kumar

Dr. Prayas Kumar, an accomplished plastic surgeon, has obtained his MBBS, MS, and MCh degrees in Plastic Surgery from N.H.L Medical College, Ahmedabad. With a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years, Dr. Kumar is widely recognized for his expertise in various areas of plastic surgery.

As the Managing Director of Sudeep Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center, Dr. Kumar leads a leading plastic surgery practice in Surat and South Gujarat. His dedication and profound knowledge have established him as a highly sought-after specialist in the field.

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